It wasn’t that long ago when we chose Mr Muscle, Cif, Dettol, Cillit Bang or other popular cleaning brands on our supermarket shelves.  But then we weren’t so aware of the harmful chemicals being used in these products; nor did we trust the ‘green’ cleaning products sitting alongside our favourites.

In the early days of ‘green’ cleaning, in most stores, only Ecover products were available and their labelling wasn’t anywhere near as appealing, so we reverted back to our ‘tried and tested’ brands.  But the tide is turning and we are far more aware of the damage chemicals in products can do.  Plus there are many more environmentally-friendly products available that actually work.

So, if you haven’t turned to green cleaning yet, here are some great reasons to make the switch now.

  • A safe environment – if you look carefully on non-green cleaning products, I bet you’ll see labels such as Warning, Toxic or Flammable. Using these cleaning products exposes you, your children and your pets to harmful chemicals, and contributes to higher indoor pollution.  VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) found in conventional cleaning products are released into the air and can hang around for a while; and they have been associated with a range of health problems.
  • Be healthy – been sneezing and coughing recently? Had more headaches than usual or can’t explain a recent skin rash? It could be the toxic chemicals in your conventional cleaning products that are causing these symptoms.  The hazardous chemicals found in these products, such as carcinogens, mutagens, neurotoxins and teratogens have a negative effect on your health; a good reason to switch to green!
  • Become environmentally-friendly – conventional cleaning products, as well as containing harmful toxic chemicals, are also non-biodegradable and are sourced from non-renewable sources, thereby affecting the eco-system. Green cleaning products are manufactured using natural derived resources and sustainable processes, making them non-toxic, biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and safe.
  • One cleaner instead of several – you’ve got a cleaner to remove mould and mildew, another to clean the windows, another to clean the toilet, another to clean the kitchen, another all-purpose cleaner. Throw those away.  Just one or two green cleaning products can do the whole lot for you – that’s going to save you money!  Plus, no more worries about bleach stains on your clothes, no more mixing toxic harmful chemicals in the air.  And instead of using the usual cloth or sponge, opt for a microfibre cloth which is formulated to trap and lift dirt, grease and dust without having to use a chemical cleaning product; plus it can last for several years!
  • Get creative – did you know you can make your own green cleaning products that are eco-friendly and cheaper? Baking soda is an effective cleaner that deodorises and softens water, whilst borax (sodium borate) cleans, deodorises, softens water and disinfects.  It’s also very good for cleaning wallpaper, painted walls and floors.  White vinegar is great for removing grease, mildew, odours, wax build-up and some stains.  Or use washing soda or SAL Soda (a mineral, sodium carbonate decahydrate) that is also good for tiles, sinks and baths.  Corn starch can be used for cleaning windows, shampooing carpets and rugs, and polishing furniture.  Lemons are effective against household bacteria and food acids, while citrus solvent is used to clean paint brushes, oil and grease, as well as some stains.  All these products are naturally sourced, environmentally safe, easy to use and inexpensive.


At Eco Sheen, all the products we use are environmentally-friendly, without any harmful chemicals and carry the EU Ecolabel; if they don’t, we don’t use them.  But we don’t stop there.  Our buckets, mops, cloths, packaging, computer equipment and our vehicles are all eco-friendly, biodegradable and energy-efficient.  We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint so that our whole business is truly environmentally-friendly, and green.  All our cleaning solutions are long-term and sustainable – no harmful chemicals here.

Want to go green but don’t have the time to do it yourself?  Need office cleaning, window cleaning, and a carpet and curtain shampoo?  Whatever your eco-friendly, green cleaning needs, our team is the perfect choice.  Contact us at Eco Sheen today and get those windows, surfaces, homes and offices gleaming!

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