Workers in most offices will be aware that their employer hires a cleaner to visit once a day, usually early morning or after office hours, and you’ll probably notice that they’ve splashed a duster and a spit of polish around the desks, maybe wiped down the work surface and sink in the kitchen, washed up a few cups if you’re lucky, pushed a hoover round the exposed carpet; and you’ll walk in later that day or the following day and note the cleaners have visited, but did they really CLEAN the office or just touch the surface?

When was the last time you looked carefully at your keyboard, both on top and underneath? When did you last move your pen pot on your desk or any other items on your desk including that pile of paperwork that you just haven’t got to yet, and notice an inordinate amount of dust and debris sitting there? Turn off your PC screen and almost without doubt you’ll see a layer of dust sitting there. And maybe I shouldn’t even mention your telephone; you won’t believe the dust, debris and dirt that lurk on these devices!

So, when is clean, really clean? Our eye can be deceiving, we don’t always see the dirt and bacteria that sits on everyday items and surfaces that we handle and touch day-in, day-out. When you’re wiping down and dusting a surface area, items sitting on that surface should not only be lifted but they should also be cleaned as well. Hoovering the floors shouldn’t’ be restrained to just the exposed areas; move chairs, bags, cables, etc. and hoover in these places as well. And on a regular basis, heavier items such as desks and cabinets should be moved, where possible, so that cleaning can be carried out on the floors and walls behind them.

And then there are the cloths and materials that are being used to carry out the cleaning; how clean is your duster? When were the dishcloths last sterilised? It’s no good wiping down a surface or item with a duster or dishcloth that is dirty and full of bacteria before you’ve even started! Washing and rinsing it under the tap when you’re done is not enough to make sure that cloth is really clean and ready for use next time. They need to be fresh and free from grime to ensure they pick up the grime from the surface, not replace it with new grime!

Our ethos at Eco Sheen is to clean well and clean deep; just about everybody that’s worked in an office environment has picked up a cold or a virus from the workplace. Bacteria thrives in offices; every time you touch a door handle or light switch not only do you leave germs, but so do many other people. Our hands are responsible for the spread of 80% of common infectious diseases. Indeed, the three most common types of bacteria are pseudomonas, staphylococcus and streptococcus. We pay particular attention to regularly used items such as computer keyboards, kitchen utensils, microwaves, door handles and latches, light switches, etc.

But it’s not just about moving items on the desk, hoovering under desks and chairs, ensuring the cloths you use are really clean; it’s also about the products you use. Yes, there are plenty of products available that make all sorts of claims to ‘lift the grime’ from under your feet, and promise a really ‘deep clean’, but they are also full of harmful toxins that can get under your skin. The use of ‘green’ cleaning products has risen significantly over the last few years, by as much as 35% this year alone, as more and more people become aware of the damage certain toxins and chemicals are having on the environment. However, not all products that claim to be ‘green’ and healthier are necessarily so; they can still be using harmful products, for example, phthalates, and it is legal. At Eco Sheen, we guarantee that all the products we use really are ‘green’ and effective.

So, if you really want a ‘green’ clean it’s important to ensure that the products you use are certified by a registered ‘green’ organisation, i.e. EU Ecolabel, DfE, EcoLogo, Green Seal, which have specific performance standards that products have to meet to be certified, and some even require products to be biodegradable, free of carcinogens and toxins that have been linked to gene mutations.

But do so-called ‘green’ cleaners work? Well, according to experts, yes, they do and you will find that some ‘green’ cleaners also have disinfecting ingredients, too. And because more natural products have been used, there is no strong, chemical smell associated with ‘green’ cleaning products. All the products we use at Eco Sheen carry the EU Ecolabel so that you can be sure they are ‘green’ and environmentally-friendly; and if they don’t, we don’t use them.

‘Going Green’ doesn’t have the stigma that was originally attached to the term, it is now a leading trend and is becoming essential to source and use ‘green’ products in not just our offices and workplaces, but also in our homes in order to protect our environment, and our health. So, next time you sit down at your desk in the morning, take a few minutes to look around you and see if your current cleaners have ensured that your environment is really clean – is it time for you to change your cleaners and have a really CLEAN environment?

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