Did you know that 6th to 12th April is National Spring Cleaning Week?  It’s official; it is!  With the first day of spring come and gone – it was 20th March for those who weren’t aware – beautiful sunny weather is upon us, and it’s the perfect time for a spring clean.

With longer daylight hours and the sun shining, I’m sure you’ve noticed a few dirty windows.  Not to mention the dust on curtains, window blinds, ornaments and surfaces that aren’t in constant use.  The daffodils are blooming, clocks have gone forward, little lambs are being born, all the tell-tale signs that spring has arrived; but why do we spring clean?

Well, traditionally, the practice originates from the Far East.  The Chinese have spring cleaning rituals to not just get rid of dust and dirt, but also to chase away any bad luck or misfortune from the winter months.  In Iran, they go as far as buying new clothes!  But the North Americans and Canadians are probably the most avid spring cleaners, with dusting out the attics, emptying cupboards and decluttering.  In the 1940s, you would regularly see housewives spring cleaning their homes from all the dust, dirt and soot collected over the winter months.

In the UK, we’re a bit more conservative.  In fact, in a recent survey of 2,000 adults, it was discovered that 85% of people believe spring cleaning will become a thing of the past.  Whilst we don’t believe that will happen, it was interesting to see that less than half spring clean every year, 37% only every few years and 1 in 5 never bother.

Spring cleaning is the perfect opportunity to not just clean your house or office from top to bottom, including all those nooks and crannies, rugs, blinds, curtains, pictures, door frames, windows and behind furniture that rarely moves.  It is also the ideal time to declutter and rejuvenate.  Go through the cupboards and wardrobes; the old adage of ‘if you haven’t seen it or used it in a year or more, time for it to go” still stands strong.  Let’s look at some benefits of spring cleaning.

  • Increased energy levels. Yes, it’s true.  Doing more activity actually increases your levels of energy and productivity.  A cleaner, more organised environment is going to drive an organised, productive mind.  But don’t forget to ask for help in moving large furniture or going up and down ladders.
  • Reduces stress, increased focus. With spring cleaning to focus on and busy hands making light work, it will lead to a more stress-free, organised environment.  Decluttering leads to decision-making and clears the mind.  But don’t over-push yourself; take regular breaks and focus on a room at a time.
  • A happier outlook. How satisfying is it when you’ve finished a chore or job, you stand back to admire your work, relax and smile?  That’s a happier outlook!  The satisfaction of spring cleaning will rejuvenate you.  Put on some favourite tunes and dance while cleaning!
  • A healthier environment. Did you know that dust is essentially made up of dirt, mould and fungi spores, and dead skin cells?  And if you’ve got an open fire that you’ve used throughout the winter, just imagine the soot that’s invaded your home and settled on unseen surfaces.  Spring cleaning clears the house or office of all those allergen-inducing dirt and dust spores.


But not everyone has the time to do spring cleaning.  You may be a busy mum, working parents, couples working full-time with long journeys to and from the office.  Or just don’t like cleaning, and that’s ok, and that’s where Eco Sheen comes in to spring cleaning.

At Eco Sheen, we carry out that spring cleaning for you; well, as far as the cleaning side of things anyway – we’ll have to leave it to you on the decluttering aspect!  Plus you have the added benefit that your spring clean will be a Green spring clean!

All the products we use are environmentally-friendly, without any harmful chemicals and carry the EU Ecolabel; if they don’t, we don’t use them.  But we don’t stop there.  Our buckets, mops, cloths, packaging, computer equipment and our vehicles are all eco-friendly, biodegradable and energy-efficient.  We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint so that our whole business is truly environmentally-friendly, and green.  All our cleaning solutions are long-term and sustainable – no harmful chemicals here.

Want to go green and get a spring clean?  Need office cleaning, window cleaning, and a carpet and curtain shampoo?  Whatever your eco-friendly, green cleaning needs, our team is the perfect choice.  Don’t miss out on National Spring Cleaning Week.  Contact us at Eco Sheen today and get those windows, surfaces, homes and offices gleaming!

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